Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City

A New Vision for the Cities of Tomorrow

Humankind must address numerous issues in the years ahead, including those relating to the environment, energy, food, and health.

Having encountered difficulties in these fields before many other countries, Japan feels duty-bound to help resolve them. Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City embodies that commitment, drawing on a partnership between the public, private and academic sectors to create an open platform for all of humanity and a stage for resolving issues.

We are going well beyond the conceptual to materialize a New Vision for the Cities of Tomorrow through Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City.

Three Keywords for the Future

We formulated three urban development concepts to help Japan fulfill its commitment to tackling challenges for the future of the world.

These are an Environmental-Symbiotic City that is environmentally friendly.
The City of New Industry Creation concept focuses on fostering growth fields that become sources of new vitality for Japan.
The City of Health and Longevity concept is about people of all ages enjoying healthy and secure lives.

At Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City, we are leveraging tangible and intangible means and the enthusiasm of our people to pursue optimal solutions in these fields and materialize our New Vision for the Cities of Tomorrow

01 Environmental Initiatives (An Environmental-Symbiotic City)

We aim to create an Environmental-Symbiotic City for the future by taking advantage of abundant natural surroundings and leveraging world-class knowledge and technology to tackle environmental and energy issues and ensure that lifelines are in place during disasters.

Environmental Initiatives

New Industry Initiatives (A City of New Industry Creation)

新産業への取り組み (新産業創造都市)

We are pushing ahead with urban development and new industry creation by integrating university and research institutions, incubation facilities. Business contests and entrepreneur assistance groups support businesses and entrepreneurs that aim to continuously create new industries.

New Industry Initiatives

03 Health Initiatives (A City of Health and Longevity)

Initiatives to create a city of health and longevity include proposals to enhance urban lifestyles for the elderly, health businesses in collaboration with local government bodies, preventive medicine from interdisciplinary perspectives, and the concept of a model for demonstrative experiments.

Health Initiatives